Crabgrass in North Florida Lawns

In this video, Dr. Laurie Trenholm talks with Dr. Bryan Unruh about crabgrass, a common weed in North Florida lawns. Dr. Unruh is a professor and Extension Turfgrass Specialist at the West Florida Research and Education Center in Jay, Florida.

There are very few Florida homeowners who aren't familar with the tenacious crabgrass. The best defense against crabgrass (and any other weed) is a healthy lawn that's mowed, watered, and fertilized properly. For control, use pre-emergence herbicides, applying in North Florida towards the end of the month. But should you find crabgrass in your St. Augustinegrass lawn, you'll need to spot-kill it with a non-selective herbicide and fill in the bare patches.

Runtime: 3:00 minutes
Created: December 2010
Credits: Dr. Laurie Trenholm, Associate Professor and Urban Turfgrass Specialist with the UF Department of Environmental Horticulture