Grant Application

CLCE Program Enhancement

The submission deadline has passed. Notifications will be sent in mid-August.

The CLCE awards grants to support projects related to the mission of the Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology. Projects that involve collaboration among Center faculty, affiliates, and state and county specialists are strongly encouraged. Current mission statement is as follows:

"To conduct interdisciplinary research and provide science-based education on urban landscape practices to protect and conserve Florida's natural resources."


All CLCE faculty are eligible to apply. Proposals must be led by core CLCE faculty (listed here). Affiliate faculty are encouraged to collaborate with core faculty on proposal ideas. Faculty with eligible external grants are required to have selected CLCE for end of year indirect cost allocation the year prior to the current years call.

Proposal format

  1. Title
  2. Name and e-mail of faculty contact
  3. Justification (max. 250 words) – Why is this proposal important? Why should it be funded now?
  4. Objectives
  5. Outline (max. 250 words) – What are you proposing?
  6. Final Deliverable – What will be the final deliverable product?
  7. Timeline – Funds must be spent by June 30, 2020.
  8. Evaluation – How will you measure success? Research projects are strongly encouraged to include an extension component.


Awards can be used for salaries, materials, travel, and computer costs. Please describe and justify the budget request (note: these funds cannot be used for food, awards, or giveaway items), label and summarize which portions of your budget are expenses or OPS, and provide a table similar to the example given in the RFP (pdf). Voluntary cost-share is preferred, but not required. If including cost-share, be sure to incorporate it into the total budget, and include a letter of commitment. Lastly, include the contact information of the staff member that will process this award if you are a recipient.

Funds available: $150,000

Important dates

  • Notification is mid-August 2019

For further information, please contact Dr. Michael Dukes or Melissa Friedman.