Our Objectives

Rain garden

The Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology was created by an act of the Florida legislature in response to the Green Industry’s concern for the long-term sustainability of current landscape management practices.

The interdisciplinary center has faculty throughout the state advancing research, Extension, and education efforts in multiple fields.

Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology faculty will conduct research programs and Extension efforts that

  • identify the effects of landscape design and management practices on biological diversity and ecosystem health
  • document and establish standards for lowest levels of fertilizer and irrigation needed to establish and sustain healthy landscape plant materials
  • identify practices for the management of residential landscapes based upon lessons learned from natural systems
  • develop plant establishment principles that support habitat restoration in the urban-rural interface
  • develop plant selection strategies to minimize environmental impacts and enhance environmental quality
  • identify practices to design and manage landscapes with Low Impact Development strategies – from lot size to neighborhood size
  • identify plant selection and landscape design methodologies that minimize environmental impacts of pest management
  • develop best management practices for lot, neighborhood, and watershed stormwater management
  • document the impact of landscape management practices on water quality and quantity, including groundwater, bays, rivers, streams, lakes and ponds