Why It Matters

Florida-Friendly landscape

Florida’s environment is at risk from pollution, water shortages, exotic pests, and habitat loss. Home landscapes that incorporate “Florida-Friendly” practices can help address these concerns.

To spread Florida-Friendly information, in 2006 the Florida legislature created the UF/IFAS Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology.

There are several reasons we should all be concerned for Florida’s future:

  • Many areas of the state suffer regular water shortages.
  • Poor water quality is an issue throughout the state and the problem is growing exponentially.
  • Exotic pests (insects, diseases, plants, and animals) are significant threats to natural areas, home gardens, and commercial landscapes.
  • Tourism is the state’s largest industry, and healthy and beautiful landscapes are a key part of visitors’ attraction to and enjoyment of Florida.

Many Floridians inadvertently contribute to these problems, because they don’t realize the impact their landscape management practices have on the environment. Florida’s Green Industry—which encompasses lawn-, landscape-, and grounds-related businesses—generates $10 billion a year. Florida-Friendly landscape practices help ensure that all of us can continue to enjoy Florida’s natural beauty and wealth.