Centipedegrass for Northwest Florida Lawns

In this video, Dr. Laurie Trenholm talks with Dr. Bryan Unruh about the types of lawn grass that are suited for Northwest Florida, especially centipedegrass, as well as maintenance tips, such as when to fertilize. Dr. Unruh is a professor and Extension Turfgrass Specialist at the West Florida Research and Education Center in Jay, Florida.

Centipedegrass is well adapted to the climate and soils of Central and Northern Florida and is the most common home lawn grass in the Florida Panhandle. It does very well in acidic and infertile soils. It has fair shade tolerance and survives drought conditions by going dormant. Maintenance and fertility requirements are low compared to other turfgrasses.

Runtime: 4:40 minutes
Created: February 2011
Credits: Dr. Laurie Trenholm, Associate Professor and Urban Turfgrass Specialist with the UF Department of Environmental Horticulture