Dr. Basil Iannone

Assistant Professor Dr. Eban Bean

School of Forest Resources and Conservation
Building 106, Room 4
PO Box 110940
Gainesville, FL 32611-0940
Phone: (352)294-7499

Dr. Iannone is an assistant professor in forest resources and conservation and specializes in geospatial analysis of sustainable and resilient land development. His research interests include ecosystem services and functioning, ecological restoration, and biological invasions. He received a PhD from the Ecology and Evolution Program, Biological Sciences at the University of Illinois.

Recent Publications

Nunez-Mir, G., B. V., III, Iannone, B. Pijanowski, N. Kong, and S. Fei. (In press). Automated content analysis: addressing the big literature challenge in ecology and evolution. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. Early view at:

Iannone, B. V. III, K. M. Potter, C. M. Oswalt, Q. Guo, A. M. Liebhold, B. C. Pijanowski, and S. Fei. (Online first). Invasion hotspots: a trait-based perspective reveals new insights into macroscale patterns. Ecography DOI: 10.1111/ecog.01973.

Iannone, B. V. III, K. M. Potter, K. Dixon Hamil, W. Huang, H. Zhang, Q. Guo, C. M. Oswalt, C. W. Woodall, and S. Fei. 2016. Evidence of biotic resistance to invasions in forests of the Eastern USA. Landscape Ecology 31:85-99.

Potter, K. M., F. H. Koch, C. M. Oswalt, and B. V., III, Iannone. 2016. Data, data everywhere: detecting spatial patterns in fine-scale ecological information collected across a continent. Landscape Ecology 31:67-84.

Dixon Hamil, K. A., B. V., III, Iannone, W. K. Huang, S. Fei, and H. Zhang. 2016. Cross-scale contradictions in ecological relationships. Landscape Ecology 31:7-18.

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