14th Annual Soil and Water Science Research Forum 

Soil and Water Science Distinguished Speaker Seminar:
Dr. Linda Lee, Purdue University
"Technology, Stewardship, and the Quality of Life: Chemicals of Emerging Concern in the Balance"

Dr. Linda Lee, Purdue UniversityCo-Sponsored by The UF Water Institute
Friday, September 6, 2013
J. Wayne Reitz Union Auditorium

Linda S. Lee is a professor and associate head of the Agronomy Department at Purdue University; program head for the Ecological Sciences & Engineering Interdisciplinary Graduate Program; and a faculty affiliate in the Division of Environmental Ecological Engineering.

Seminar Abstract

The list of contaminants of emerging concern continues to grow as analytical methods and instrumentation become more sensitive. These chemicals include those of human origin that have become an issue due to the occurrence and demands of our growing populations or those with unique properties that have led to tremendous societal benefits including extending or reducing the loss of life, and improving product durability, safety, and effectiveness.

However, over time, emissions from manufacturing and use have led to the increased presence of these chemicals in the environment through direct discharges, landfills, and land application of waste-derived fertilizers. Our role as soil and water scientists includes quantifying the physical, chemical, and biological processes that control persistence, distribution, and human and ecological exposure of contaminants in the environment followed by responsibly translating this information to target audiences.

For most of these chemicals of emerging concern, we have yet to clearly identify their absolute or even potential impact, thus presenting numerous technical and institutional challenges in making regulatory and risk management decisions. Absence of knowledge has led to responses ranging from no action to imposing regulations that in an unnecessary burden and cost with little benefit or lead to the development of new materials for which unintended consequences are not yet known.

Product stewardship is considerably complex and requires critical life cycle thinking and collaboration across multiple disciplines. Examples of environmental fate research will be detailed for two chemical classes of emerging concern (hormones and perfluorinated compounds) and the subsequent societal, regulatory, and management implications will be discussed.

For off-campus students, off-campus faculty, and on-campus students who cannot physically attend, this seminar will be available via live video streaming and also recorded.

For additional details about Dr. Lee’s visit, please contact Dr. James Jawitz.

14th Annual Soil and Water Science Research Forum
September 6, 2013
J. Wayne Reitz Union
Auditorium and 2nd Floor – East & West Gallery

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