Faculty and Staff Meeting

Blue-eyed beauty variety of osteospermum is yellow 

August 15, 2017
Stronach Conference Center

Plant Science Research and Education Unit
2556 West Highway 318
Citra, Florida 32113


  • CLCE Budget Update – Michael Dukes
  • CLCE Strategic Plan Update – Michael Dukes, Emily Eubanks
  • CoLAB – Bess de Farber, Melissa Friedman, Carol Lippincott, Laura Spears, Suzanne Stapleton
    • A CoLAB is a workshop designed to spark collaborations through revealing and leveraging hidden commonalities, expertise, resources, networks, and creative opportunities.
  • Lunch, Networking, and Service Pins
  • Webinars Update – Emily Eubanks
  • CLCE Multidisciplinary Class Idea – Gail Hansen
  • CLCE REU Project Idea – Melissa Friedman
  • MG Conference and Curriculum Update – Wendy Wilber

Directions and Map from the Plant Science Research and Education Unit website